New Plans.

So, I couldn’t find a working DarkRP gamemode for Gm13, which means I’m moving to plan B, which was basically the initial plan from the start of the entire DD servers. I’ll make a sandbox server, add a bit of coding to it. Then while that’s active, I’ll just have to create a gamemode completely from scratch. It will take a while, so try to bear with me again. I’ll probably release betas and how my progress is going to some people. So yeah, that’s it. Don’t have a nice day.


Possibly DarkRP server coming back.

So yeah, I’ve taken way too long of a break from DD, and it’s probably not really going to be worth it doing it anymore, but I’m still gonna make, or at least try to, a DarkRP server. I know this gamemode is old and should die already, but I still kinda like it and it’s pretty easy to code. So this is good for a beginning coded server. I’m not gonna bother with sandbox anymore, or at least for a while, because I mainly wanted a DarkRP server when I started DinDig anyways. So yesh, just expected a DarkRP server to possibly come sometime. I’m not sure when, but just know that I’m at least working on it.


Server will be live very soon.

Yep, the server will be live very soon. It probably is right now by the time you actually read this. I’m planning to have it up before the end of November, which is in 2 days. So yeah, it will be up, BUT here’s the thing. GM13 is really fucked up right now with lua errors and shit like that. So the server will be up, but it’s most likely going to have quite a few glitches/bugs. So anything you find wrong with the server, don’t worry about it. Hopefully Garrys fixes up the coding a bit soon, but til then the server will be slightly bugged.